Who are these assholes? What's this all about?

About The Louisiana Satire Network

Tired of all those “reputable” news outlets not telling you what you want to hear?


Because the world usually sucks and laughter tends to be the best medicine right behind Prozac, we’ve teamed up with our brothers-in-satire to create the Louisiana Satire Network! This little community features:

The Red Shtick (Baton Rouge)
The Daily Crawfish (Lafayette)
The Push Pole (Houma)
Neutral Ground News (New Orleans)
The Crayfish (Shreveport)

This pretty much all came about one night when we were all drunk together, laughing maniacally and backslapping each other, to which someone said to “get a room.” Us? A fivesome where the creative juices can flow to deliver the absolute top-notch news you absolutely want? Brilliant! Thank you for the idea, asshat named Richard!

What’s this mean? Be on the lookout for news from the Louisiana Satire Network, covering our great depending-on-the-category-let’s-hope-it-has-nothing-to-do-with-quality-of-life-or-education state.

We urge you to go and give our partners a “like”, drop them a visit now and then, and send them any freshly baked goods if you make too much. Seriously, we journalists gotta eat, too.

Together, we honestly tell it to you like it isn’t. Refreshing, huh?